We practice the 70:20:10 principle which values experience to maximise effectiveness of learning which is why we chose to collaborate with Jon. Jon identified our team’s needs, designed and delivered a unique experience which continues to influence our understanding of leadership and followership supporting the team to be more creative and collaborative. A truly unique experience that is engaging, energising, educating and empowering as well as full of laughs and fun, thank you very much Jon.

Luke Eccles, Themos

As someone who is not really comfortable in most social environments or with any activity which prioritises verbal communication, I was not particularly enamoured when  a Jon Trevor Improvisation Workshop was arranged as part of our Company’s  Christmas “Fun” Day.   However, much to my surprise and amazement, my anxieties and concerns proved to be largely misplaced.  The whole aim and tenor of the session was about valuing every contribution, encouraging and listening to every voice and eliminating any fear or judgement associated with “making mistakes”. Therefore as someone who is naturally risk averse and inhibited,  I experienced a rare sense of liberation, comfort and acceptance, which enabled me to participate more freely,  feeling almost an equal amongst many creative and gregarious types.  The net effect  being that it was one of  the few times in my life that I have been in a dynamic group situation where I came away feeling content with my own contribution and therefore more connected to and valued by the other group members

Jonathan Keelan, Finance Officer, Purple Monster

We recently had Jon Trevor from Improv Initiative deliver a half day workshop for our team using Applied Improv techniques. Our aim was to provide some fun and a new experience for our team with a focus on exercises that would help us a build a high performing team that could face challenges and overcome obstacles to achieve our aims.

We had a series of group based and paired exercises using techniques that focussed on fun and playful activities that impacted on how we negotiated, dealt with challenges and made changes in order to achieve an objective. The exercises were all great fun and there were a lot of laughs. Some feedback from my team included that it made them think about the language they used and the approach they had to dealing with challenges and, how we could accommodate each other as a team in order to achieve shared objectives. Jon was extremely personable and encouraging and enthusiastic in getting people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.

Rehana Watkinson, PMO Manager, Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership

We had the pleasure of doing a session with Jon Trevor in the summer of 2017. The workshop was designed for a group of 5 colleagues and was extremely helpful and most importantly fun – Jon was fantastic in leading us through a series of exercises that highlighted our communication patterns and techniques, and teaching us new methods all whilst using improv comedy as the medium. I can highly recommend a workshop with Jon.

Etienne Guyot, Q xQ Architects