Applied Improvisation is proven to work

Applied Improvisation is suitable for all sectors.  It is used around the world to great effect in the commercial world, the public sector, and in education.

Commercial Sector

There is now a huge body of research showing the competitive edge that Applied Improvisation can bring to businesses of all sizes.  Applied Improvisation provides a whole new kitbag of skills to today’s business executives, to improves their ability to lead, motivate and build efficient and effective teams. Applied Improvisation widens awareness, improves emotional intelligence, and aids devising creative and flexible responses to problems and crises.

Applied Improvisation has been used as a development tool in a diverse range of organisations.  Click on each link to read how Applied Improvisation has been used:

Financial Management

First Mediation Company
Hotel Chains
The Developing Company

Public Sector and Health

It is used as a therapeutic tool to aid people with Mental Health issues.

Training for Doctors and Nurses is encompassing Applied Improvisation as a valuable tool

In Canada there is a very strong Improv movement in high schools, there is even national league.

In the USA it has been promoted amongst librarians as well as other public sector organisations.

It’s recognized as a great tool for bringing about social change and promoting international diplomacy.

Is used to help rehabilitation in prisons

Education Sector

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