Jon came in and ran a course of workshops for our teaching staff. He is a truly excellent course leader – every session was thoughtfully prepared, clearly structured, and scaffolded staff so that they felt comfortable, had a great time but also were able to develop skills. He was able to get staff to reflect on areas such as not fearing taking risks, trusting and working with others, letting others lead and taking the lead and allowing yourself to be creative. He quickly established an environment in which a diverse group of people worked really well together and we plan on booking him in the future for other workshops that target specific skills our teachers and managers need. Highly recommended.

Daniele Harford-Fox. Deputy Head, Solihull School

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous work you did with the company over the last two days. I have spoken to many of the staff this morning and most people are really buzzing. They have said they got a tremendous amount out of the last couple of days and, in particular, were really able to apply the learning from the sessions and think about its application in the workplace.  Many staff have gone out of their way to say to me how effective and professional you were and how much they warmed to you. High praise indeed, particularly when you think you were starting from cold with 80% of the people there. So, once again, many thanks.

Amanda Shilton – Deputy Chief Executive, NUS Services

We practice the 70:20:10 principle which values experience to maximise effectiveness of learning which is why we chose to collaborate with Jon. Jon identified our team’s needs, designed and delivered a unique experience which continues to influence our understanding of leadership and followership supporting the team to be more creative and collaborative. A truly unique experience that is engaging, energising, educating and empowering as well as full of laughs and fun, thank you very much Jon.

Luke Eccles, Themos